Saturday, 16 March 2013

Night Owls

A/N: A short poem I wrote on the night, and its myriad wonders.

The night owls are up, the dawn slumbers
And though the day had its charms and wonders,
Still we must move on, the stars beckon,
And while we lack a crowd, we have company, I reckon.
For no man is an island; the island has the sea,
And know that you are never alone, while you still have me.
For spirit is not contained by earthly bonds, nor ‘fraid of sticks and stones
The calls traverse the lakes and ponds, through still air and shivering bones.
Yea’, we are a single entity, but we are multiple wonders,
As the night owls fly on, and the dawn slumbers.

Spread your wings, night owl. The stars beckon.